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NOW IN PAPERBACK! The Illuminated Witch is now available in paperback!

4 Stars for The Illuminated Witch Book II in the Bloods Secrets Trilogy.

The Illuminated Witch Book II in the Blood Secrets trilogy is now available in paperback and e-format.

Reunion-The Assassin  is contracted to Beachwalk Press. Projected release date to be advised.

5 Stars for The Chocolate Affair in Edible Delights Vol 2! “A extremely hot chocolate filled addiction read.

The Blood Bride & Hesparia’s Tears – both listed as Erotic Books to be read in USA Today!

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The Assassin

Current Available titles:

The Illuminated Witch_2  
War's End  A Bar In Paris  A Stranger's Embrace

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Edible Delights - Volume Two_400  thebloodbride_exlarge  Loving Memories300dpi

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“The vivid imagery and details ensures that the reader gets caught up in the story from the very beginning and the characters are strong, compelling and easily related to. ”  The Jeep Diva – The Illuminated Witch

Yes, love can find a way and when it’s a story like this, it finds it on an intergalactic level!” Georgette Blakeney – Hesparia’s Tears

“How refreshing when the heroine is a larger girl with issues.”Loretta Laird – Loving Memories

“I have two words for you – PLEASURE DEMON. ‘Nuff said.”  SnarkyMom-The Chocolate Affair

Ms. Nix kept me on the edge of my seat. Every single sentence in this piece accentuates the rapidly building tension LASR – The Shuttle

“The characterisation, particularly for such a short piece, is good. The storyline is interesting, the dialogue witty, and the sex is super hot. Blog Critics – A Bar In Paris

A Stranger's Embrace Trailer

Coming Soon!

Reunion - The Assassin

Reunion - The Assassin
May 2014

Reunion - Executing Justice

Reunion - Executing Justice
Release Date - TBA

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